Odésia says yes!

Odesia is built on three essential pillars: naturalness, conviviality and citizenship.

Far from the usual clichés, the strength of Odesia is found in a walk in the forest, at the turn of a sunset at the water's edge, in a friendly exchange around a table. All in a remarkable   citizen approach.   This rich heritage is its asset to last over time. The values of Odesia are preserved as a treasure by the men and women who make it grow every day. Committed and respectful teams of holidaymakers to meet all their needs for a holiday where laughter and happiness are the watchword.

  • Odesia is natural
  • Odesia is user-friendly
  • Odésia is a citizen



Odésia is committed to a proactive and ambitious approach to the renovation and decoration of its Villages Clubs, Residences and Campings Clubs in order to bring you the maximum comfort and well-being during your stay.
This is the reason why, in partnership with Atout France, we have embarked on the classification and labeling of all our hosting structures by following to the letter the requirements and recommendations of the new evaluation grid 2013. Most of our sites, Villages Clubs, tourist residences and Campings Clubs therefore offer a higher level of comfort, enjoying a recent renovation and a neat decoration.


Flagship of our brand, our Camping Club Le Fayolan located in Clairvaux-les-Lacs and classified 4 stars has even obtained the label to the quality charter yelloh village! , a real reference in the world of high-end camping. Uxelles and Les Rousses in the Jura, Figanières-en-Provence and the Residence Horizons Ré in Saint-Clément-des-Baleines are classified or in the process of ranking 3 stars. Similarly, our Village Club of Seillac, thanks to its new wooden cottages should get this level of ranking.
Our other holiday villages are all rated 2 stars because they benefit from quality maintenance, ensuring your family a comfortable stay and excellent value for money.